Off the Pitch: A Visit from an Osteopath


At Hackney Laces we strive to give the players the opportunity to be exposed to a number of different professions and learn how to take care of themselves as footballers. We were very lucky to welcome osteopath Hazel Mansfield this week.

Hazel gave us a great talk from everything to do with her job; from following her dream to work combine her interest in sport and the muscoskeletal system, to what it was like treating the athletes at the Olympic Games. Her engaging presentation got the girls talking, moving the conversation on from common injuries and how they are sustained, to why you should not eat a polar bear’s liver! Hazel answered all the questions expertly, and all of us came away knowing a lot more than we did before.

Her advice was especially useful for football players, discussing the benefits of dynamic vs static stretching, and common injuries that can build up over time if we do not treat our bodies properly. The advice about nutrition and diet was also very valuable information to take away. Most of all, Hazel reiterated the importance of a healthy active lifestyle for combating many illnesses and injuries.

Thank you very much Hazel for your inspiring and informative talk, we all know where to come if we get an injury!

Ps – Hazel has just opened her clinic, as we mentioned. Check it out! 

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