We Own The Night


On Saturday┬áSarah, Katee and Jess donned ┬áluminous orange shirts and joined 3,386 other women in the Nike ‘We Own The Night’ 10k race in Victoria Park. The three of us made the most of the event village before the race with plenty to eat, see and do and enjoyed the company of all the other women united by running.

photo (1)

As the race got going, Seeing that many people in the same neon orange shirt was a great sight, particularly as twilight had set in by the second lap and Victoria Park was ablaze with flashing wrist bands, runners and lights.

The best sight of all though was seeing nine members of Hackney Laces cheering us on around the course. It really helped push us to the finish.  This was a great event that we all thoroughly enjoyed, and hope to compete again next year, hopefully joined by some players and their mums!

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