A Trip to Fruit Towers

This week a squad of 36 laces strong embarked on a journey to innocent drinks. As part of our ‘off the pitch’ programme, we wanted to hear an interesting and ambitious woman talk about her career. So we asked Felicity Yardy, innocent’s product development manager and she very kindly invited us to Fruit Towers (or the innocent factory as the girls called it).

At first it was all a little confusing as innocent’s office is something more akin to a games room or a playground rather than an office. So there was lots of squealing and running around. After the girls settled in, Fliss and her wonderful team unveiled our plan for the night. We would have a tour, a smoothie Champions league, sample some new veg pots and then hear all about her career.


We broke into small groups for the smoothie making competition. This meant blending together all kinds of fruity goodness and designing a label and a name. It got very competitive. All teams made brilliant creations and team ‘turn up’ took the prize with their berry, mango, banana and lime creation.


After all the games and eating and running about, we got to hear Fliss speak about her career. With humble beginnings and a real passion for food, Fliss worked her way into a job she loves. We all left full of fruit and incredibly inspired.


We are so grateful to Fliss, Tammy, Adele, Anna and innocent for hosting us.

And a special thank you to Ceri Tallett for the intro that lead us to innocent HQ.

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