Hackney Laces is currently womaned by Jenny, Jess, Katee, Keisha, Sarah and Sohko. All female, all footballers. Here’s a little bit about who we are.

Jenny Simmons

Jenny spends her days working at Nike and imagining new ways of scoring goals on the half volley. From 2005-2008, she attended Webber International University in Florida on a football scholarship. Jenny likes to run, make films and take pictures, but not all at the same time.

Jessica Lamond

Born and raised in California, Jess Lamond, an architectural environmental designer moved to the UK for work five years ago. She’s been playing soccer since she was five and continues to play any chance she can get. She loves to travel and watch America’s Funniest Home Videos. Jess’s fall back career plan has always been to work in a plant nursery.

Katee Hui

Katee moved from Canada to London to study at the London School of Economics. She founded Hackney Laces in 2011 after noticing a distinct lack of girls football teams in her area. She has played football since she was seven years old and is happiest when playing on a wing. Katee spends her days working in social reponsibility.

Keisha Graham-Benjamin

Aside from being an incredibly fierce fullback, Keisha is also a very talented and patient FA level 2 football coach. Last year she took a sabbatical from us and went to West Virginia on a football scholarship. Lucky for us, she came back.

Sarah Cobb

Sarah is a fiercely loyal supporter of Manchester United. She even attended Manchester University. Football mad, she likes to write about all things sports related. When she’s not at Hackney Laces she can likely be found running, training for her next Marathon.

Sohko Fujimoto

Sohko has played football since age 10, likes to sneak a through-pass, but isn’t very good at kick-ups. Originally from Tokyo, she talks like a Canadian and moved to London in 2007 to attend the London School of Economics. After 6 years as a financial journalist, she now works on a bond trading floor.

Other Coaches

We are lucky to have Ayat El Zein, Lottie Kew, Cheyanne Bell, Sharna Giordani and Emma Withycombe helping us out when they can.

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