The MET Vs Hackney Laces

On Wednesday 6th of August the Hackney MET met the Hackney Laces for a football battle…

photo 1

A community BBQ organised by Hackney MET turned to football showdown between the community and our Laces. We were given the pleasure to organised a football tournament for the Thank Shoreditch it’s Wednesday¬†event, and the turn out was amazing! Both from Laces and the community. Children of all ages came forth to challenge our girls, they showed great enthusiasm and it was a great sight to see the community we live and train in come together.

photo 3 When it came down to what we know best… yes football! We did what do best, lets just say we did not go easy on our opponents. Hackney Laces 5, Hackney MET 1…

photo 2

The event gave the community a chance to meet and get to know their local policing team in a more fun and exciting manner. We would like to thank the MET, for giving us this wonderful opportunity to connect with our local police force and our community.



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