Hackney Laces Team Day

It’s a new school year and that also means a new football season. And we’re *so* ready for it.

With the start of the new season here, we’ve inherited quite a lot of new players. In fact we’ve doubled in numbers. True story. There are now 30 of us. We’re going to need some new space soon!

To manage all of our new recruits we thought a team day would be most appropriate for the girls to get to know each other better. So we spent last Saturday in Clissold Park designing some t-shirts and playing all kinds of classic games, like wheelbarrow races, three-legged nonsense and the human knot.

After the fun in the park, wearing our newly sprayed (and super cool) shirts we went for a meal at a very quaint Italian pizzeria, Trattoria Luigi on Church Street.

Stella, the Manager was incredibly accommodating for our small army of teenaged girls covered in spray paint. We kind of love her and her staff who made sure we had a lovely time. Thank you.

One of the best parts of the day was witnessing just how many girls managed to spell Hackney wrong. Very funny. We won’t name any names but we’ll show you some unfortunate spellings …

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