Become a Member of Hackney Laces

From the beginning Hackney Laces has always been about community. A sense of community for our players and coaches and involvement within the wider community in which we live. It only seemed appropriate for us to allow anyone who supports what we do to have a way of getting involved.

So we decided to introduce memberships. Usually when you think of a membership to a football club you think about big clubs like Arsenal and Man U. You buy membership because you’re a massive fan, wearing kit colours and scarfs and applying for tickets to games. But you actually have little involvement or attachment to the club, aside from emotional, of course.

Being a member of Hackney Laces means being a part of the club. It means supporting the girls that take part. It means believing in what we do which creating opportunities for young women through football and in life. You don’t need to be a footballer or even like football for that matter. We only ask that our members act as ambassadors and help support the club and create opportunities for our girls. This could be anything from an introduction to someone useful to coming along and helping the girls with GCSE revision.

And of course, if that wasn’t enough to sell you on membership, there are perks. Hackney Laces members get special offers to local businesses (and online ones for our distant supporters). We will also send out surprises from time to time and update you on what we we’re doing. Most importantly, you will get a vote at our AGM. This club belongs to the community so we should all have a say in how it’s run.

If this sounds like something you’d like to support, please join us in becoming a member.



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