Helping Out at Hackney City Farm


For the past few weeks, the girls have been asking us if there was any volunteering we could do as a team. So we rang around to different places to see if anyone would be up for taking on a group of teenage girls. After a little bit of searching we came across Hackney City Farm who said they had a project we could get stuck in to. They’re in the process of building their new shop and needed some extra help stripping wood, painting and moving some concrete around. So that’s how we spent our Saturday.


We had a total of 29 volunteers come out and join us, including girls from the team, coaches, members and friends. Everyone gave great feedback saying it’s something they’d like to do more of.

Highlights included Timi getting paint in Shequelle’s weave by accident and Jamie screaming every time she saw a millepede.


Gustavo, who manages volunteer groups, amongst other things, gave us a tour of the farm before we started working and  we got to see their vegetable patch, frog pond and the animals Рincluding very little lambs.


Despite several of our players growing up within miles of the farm, very few had been there before. We were also given a mini-session on sustainability at the farm including why certain materials were being used in the new shop, like reclaimed wood and recycled paints.


We had a great time and look forward to helping out more. Thank you Gustavo and Hackney City Farm for having us, and thanks to everyone who came out on Saturday!


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