Three Lessons Learned This Week

Our women’s has had an amazing start to the season with two wins. This past Sunday we drew our match and learned a lot in the process. It was our first time having to come back from a position of being behind. Tower Hamlets Reserves were a strong side the match was lively.

Marigona, the team captain, scored our first goal through sheer persistence, battling with their keeper on the goal line. THWFC responded with a penalty due to a mistimed tackle on our part. Despite Lottie’s best attempts at being as big as possible in the goal, we were tied at 1-1. In the second half, THMFC managed to net another goal, low and hard after breaking down our defence. We responded with a powerful shot by Eunice from outside the 18, which sailed past their keeper. Our third goal came from Jenny who blasted it past their keeper on the rebound from a shot. In few minutes, THWFC were able to equalise on corner. The final result was 3-3.¬†We learned three main things from this game.

1. It’s always a good idea to use your body to save goals. Nicely done big Emma.

2. Karate kicks just don’t cut it when trying to maintain possession. Using your body and getting behind the ball is key.

3. Even when you’re losing, there is always the chance to come back so always keep your head up.

Girl of the game goes to Begay Belle Mbaye who was relentless on the right wing, providing countless opportunities and creating great plays.

Congratulations to the squad on their continued hard work: Lottie, Stedrika, Rosemary, Marigona, Nysheal, Begay, Eunice, Katee, Sarah, Jenny, Chloe, little Emma, big Emma and Iyoni.

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